The classification of our company's speaker cable in based on the international standard. In domestic, People usually distinguish the speaker cable by wire number which is not professional. The two costs of 0.10*100 and 0.20*100 have a wide difference. So we should distinguish the speaker cable by the square numbers of sectional area of conductor. Nowadays speaker cable usually uses OFC or CCA material. There are details of two materials for your reference to choose suitable speaker cable.


We should know the power of speaker before choosing speaker cable. It is necessary to ask the real power when we buy treble, alto, bass and mega bass speakers respectively.

The power of treble speaker is generally under 100W and normally 20W to 60W which can match 0.5 SQMM speaker cable.

The power of alto and bass speaker is generally under 200W and normally under 150W which can match 1.3 SQMM to1.5 SQMM speaker cable.

The power of mega bass speaker is generally under 400W and normally under 250W which can match 2 SQMM to 3 SQMM speaker cable.

So we know different speaker match different speaker cable. Bass speaker has large power matching thick cable while the treble one has small power matching thin cable. In a word, we should choose correct cable in order to be more effective.